10 Things YOU Should Do This Summer

by - June 15, 2020

Now that summer is fully upon us, I thought it would be a great time to write about some things to do this summer. 

1 | Concert/Festival

Summer is one of the best times to get out of your house and listen to good music. With festivals like SummerFest and Lollapalooza and plenty of great concerts, there really is no excuse for not taking advantage of all the entertainment summer has to offer.   

2 | Beach or Lake Day

I won't lie, this is probably my favorite way to relax and have fun during the summer. Especially since I live super close to the lake. Even if you don't have access to a lake in a backyard I suggest you take a weekend for a beach getaway or check into a hotel for a night to take advantage of the swimming pool.

3 | Read 

Summer is also a great opportunity to pick up a book and read. I meant to post my personal summer reading list last week, but I was slightly distracted by move-in and various activities in college. Nevertheless, you can expect an updated list soon. I hope to spend my summer re-reading the Game of Thrones series!

4 | Clear out closets

Since most of us will have a bit more free time on our hands, summer is also a perfect time to slow down and declutter. I know we all love to leave cleaning for springtime, but I prefer cleaning up a little at a time. This summer, I plan to re-organize my bathroom drawers

5 | Get some refreshing zzz's

6 | Be More Present

7 | Reconnect with Old Friends

8 | Explore a New Place

Take a road trip

9 | Pick up a New hobby

and since I couldn't limit myself to 10, I had to include one bonus thing that I believe everyone should do this summer which is find a new TV show to binge watch this summer.

10 | Binge a New TV Show

While this may not be the healthiest thing to do over the summer months it sure can be a fun way to spend your time especially on the weekends. Need some suggestions? I actually just posted my Netflix suggestions which you can check out here.

Are there any other things you plan to do this summer?

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  2. These are some great ideas!! I'd love to go to the beach if Corona fades away a little bit.

  3. Like your ideas!
    Although I really love fantasy, I didn't read game of thrones yet (only watched the series).
    In summer now, I will also watch a lot of good series.
    Have a nice day! :)

  4. i spent my whle summer at home because of pandemic. hopefully everything will back to normal next summer.

    INSTAGRAM: @julieann_lozada

  5. Love your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com/