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by - September 09, 2019

Even now as I set my fingers against the keys of my laptop I feel this pang in my chest. As if I'm unworthy to write a word. As if I've been gone too long. As if I will not be welcomed with open arms. For the longest time, I wasn't sure whether I'd post again. I had such high hopes for this platform but the weight of senior year and college applications (and decisions) felt like the world. I barely had enough energy to survive writing my application essays let alone write a blog post.

For a writer, few things hurt more than writer's block. That mysterious fog that seems to encompass the brain and limit one's creativity. This fog was especially stifling after I completed my college applications and was forced to wait for what I hoped were acceptances. During this time I questioned a lot of things. I questioned the time spent working on school work over football games in high school. I questioned my writing abilities. I questioned myself.

I am my worst critic. As the Editor-in-chief of my school's paper, I've made it my job to edit things to perfection - to ensure that everything is left in a better package. Yet as a blogger, I've come to realize that I must ignore that voice in my head and allow some of the imperfections to show. These kinks are the very things that make my writing different from the next writer and blogger. In the midst of all of this, I remembered a single lyric from Andy Mineo's song, "You Can't Stop Me". Oddly enough I tend to go to this song whenever I get bogged down in my soul, and that day a different lyric stuck with me. He said that "my biggest enemy is me and even I can't stop me".  This lyric applies to all of us, but it surely applied to me during this situation. So many times we allow ourselves to come in between what we love yet, in the end, we must make a decision to either give up or persevere.

To those experiencing writer's block I just wanted to say that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Your concerns are valid. You CAN beat this because there is always an ending and a beginning. You will not be in the dark forever, Hold out and wait for the light because it always comes. It may not always be in sight, but hold out for it because once you grab hold onto it you will be so happy you went through the trials.

How do you deal with writer's block?

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  1. Having writer's block sucks! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Nicely written post. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. We feel you, sometimes it happens to us as well and it makes our creative flow stuck, hate it! But we found out that from stillness comes motion, so whenever you have a block, just stop, don't force yourself doing that task, instead fill your day with little tasks that makes you happy...with time the flow will come back to its point :)

  4. you can get inspiration on pinterest or just write something that you really love. i wish it can help. :)

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  5. Everyone gets a taste of this moment one way or the other. You are doing just fine..keep pushing.
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