bye sophomore year! | poetry

by - June 12, 2017

Today I say goodbye to sophomore year and hello to the responsibility that comes with being a junior.

I say hello to the second half of high school and the beginning of my quest for the "right college".
I say hello to my 16th birthday and (hopefully) my driver's license.
I say hello to AP class work and a new fount of knowledge to conquer.
I say hello to new found interests I haven't fully developed yet and hobbies I will grow to love.
I say hello the friendships and relationships I have not yet had.
I say hello the possibilities that the unknown holds.

I wish I could end this poem here, but I would be lying if I said that the closing of this school year did not bring with it an onslaught of goodbyes.

Today I say goodbye to the friends who are leaving TA.

To the seniors know that you will forever be ingrained in my heart and mind and that you will be missed. I wish you all the luck in the world, because I know that each and every one of you have the power to change the world.

To the sophomores who say hello to a new high school this coming year I say goodbye. I will miss the laughs and inside jokes we had, but hold onto the hope that we will still stay in touch.

To some of my favorite Germans I wish I could keep you here with me forever. Clara you're going to change the world one assist a a time, and Kim don't forget to keep me updated...we gotta keep our streak going. I can't wait til we are reunited again, but until that time bis später!

Today I say goodbye to one of my favorite teachers.
Kettles, Mr. K, Kettlewell you were one of the first teachers I grew to love at TA and I will honestly miss seeing you walk the hallways.

Today I say goodbye to the headmaster who believed in me and the man who helped make my dream of going to TA a reality. I still can't believe that the last day of school has crept up on us this quickly! Thank you for your role in helping me to become the woman I am today.

Today I say goodbye to a counselor who's wisdom and encouragement propelled me past many of the challenges I faced this year. To you I say thank you.

Today I say goodbye to the relationships that withered and to the ones that died.

I can't believe that this chapter has come to a close, but I truly can't wait to see the memories that will be written junior year.

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  1. Cool ! :)

  2. Such a cute video!! <3

    X merel

  3. Lovely post! :) & beautifully spoken poem!


    1. Awww so happy you guys enjoyed it!! I hope to post more soon.

      - Avalon

  4. Very interesting post and totally enjoy reading your poems.

    xx Ashon

    1. Thank you so much Ashon, I'm so happy you enjoyed it.

      - Avalon

  5. What a lovely poem! You're very talented!

    Darriyan xo |

    1. Thank you so much Darriyan, happy you liked it!