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by - May 15, 2017

Hey guys! It's been awhile since I last updated this blog.
Mostly because:
  1. s c h o o l || - I'm sure that most students would agree that as soon as school returns from spring break vacation the rest of year seems to crash down on you. Honestly, I've been swamped with a billion things at once mainly from the various clubs I participate in. From Key Club to journalism I've been dragged in so many different directions. 
  2. s o c c e r || - By the time this post goes up I would have completed my sophomore year soccer season. Even though I love soccer and have played it for my whole life I can't deny that it is a major time commitment. I practice after school til 5:30 after school every day and that's if I don't have a game. 
  3. y o u t u b e || - I've really tried to refocus my attention on YouTube mainly because I finally hit the 400 subscriber mark meaning that I am coming very close to reaching my original goal of 500 by the end of the year. 
  4. j o b || - I am currently in the works of creating a side business that would include blog consulting - specifically geared towards those just starting out. I have been working on some freebies that I will release on this blog along with a few other surprises that I will roll out this summer. I'm honestly super excited about what the future holds, but like always I don't want to talk to soon in case it falls through. I am also in the works to get a job this summer at a local cafe which would offer me great job experience and a chance to get more life experience. 
Now with that all being said I know that isn't an excuse for not posting, but don't worry I plan on making a few changes from here on out. I can't devote alot of time to my blog during the month of May so I plan on pre-writing a few pieces just so that I can enjoy the last week that I will have with the seniors and in my sophomore year.

On another note though I am so ready for summer. Although I am sad to say that my summer calendar is already being dotted with numerous trips and summer homework. But before we can even think about summer we gotta make it through another season. Look out for next week's post which will include some inspiration to get you through spring.

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  1. I'm ready for summer too!
    Great post hun!
    Love, Paola.

  2. Congrats to 400 subscribers on YouTube
    Nati xx

  3. Congratulations on the 400! Cant wait for summer!
    Kate x

  4. Congrats for all you've done! I'm also ready for summer!

  5. Woww well done sweetie.
    Maggie Dallospedale

  6. Oooh so close to your YouTube goal, congrats hun! xx

    1. I am!! Thanks Dominique. I hope to make it by the end of the month. :)

  7. Have a geat rest of the week hun!
    Kisses, Paola.