10 thoughtful mother's day gift ideas

by - May 08, 2017

Where has the time gone? Can you believe that Mother's day is this weekend? In case you procrastinated in buying your mom a gift don't worry about it I got you covered! Check out my list below for 10 great cost-effective gift ideas for your mom.

1. Spa Day


    Honestly, this gift idea is super open and can be changed to fit any mother and any budget. For instance, you can DIY a spa gift basket and all you'd have to buy are the items that would go into the basket. You could also buy your mother a gift card to a spa located in her area or better yet buy two so that you can enjoy the day with her.

2. Gift Card

    Gift cards seem to be a taboo in the gifting world, but in my opinion, it can be the best gift ever IF you plan it out properly. This is where your personal knowledge of your mother comes handy. For instance, if you know that your mom loves to workout then maybe get her a gift card for Academy's or if you know that she loves to go out with friends to the movies then buy her a gift card for the movie theater. Just like my first gift idea this one is very much open to interpretation.

3. Food

    This can be anything from a gift card to a fancy restaurant to actual homemade cookies. I personally believe that this is one of the easiest and cheapest options at least for those working on a high schooler's (or college student's) budget.

4. Picture and Frame

    Another cute idea that is super simple is getting a picture made of you and your mother than having it framed. Not only is this a simple git, but it shows that you took the time (and money) to actually get the picture printed and fitted for a frame.

5. Monogrammed Items

    This may just be a southern thing, but I think that nearly is everything can be improved by a monogram. This also gives you loads of options for you can monogram nearly anything. A few ideas that come to mind are blankets, towels, wallets, cell phone cases, and t-shirts.

6. Jewelry

    Jewelry is such an easy gift idea mostly because you only need to have an understanding of your mother's taste to buy something that she would like. In case you have no idea what your mother likes in terms of jewelry though I suggest that you stick to something simple and minimalistic that can be worn daily or something that features your mother's birthstone.

7. Exercise Clothing/Equipment

    Many people enjoy exercising whether it be walking, jogging, hiking, or even swimming. This is why I believe it is such a great gift. If you know your mother's size you can actually buy her some workout clothes, but if you don't no worries buy her some exercise equipment instead. This can be anything from weights to a yoga mat. This can even translate into a month long gym membership paid for by you.

8. Sleepwear

    More often then not your mother has probably wanted some sleepwear but just chose not to ask. If you want to go the extra mile though you could get said pajamas monogrammed.

9. Card

    Cards like gift cards have gotten a bad rap in the gifting word probably because it doesn't take much effort to buy a hallmark card, but what if you went ahead and made a totally original card yourself. Not only would your mom know that it came from the heart, but it is also super cheap for those working on a high schooler's budget. Plus there are multiple tutorials on various websites (including my youtube channel) that have videos on how to make cute diy cards for whatever the occasion. Just please don't be that person who sends an e-card because you forgot.

10. Peace & Quiet

    If nothing else help your mom relax by doing her daily to-do list and giving her the day off. Don't ask her to do anything and just allow her to enjoy a day of peace and quiet.
Want some additional ideas? Check out the video I posted for last year. :)

Hope you enjoyed my 10 Mother's day gift ideas. If you decide to use any of them or have some that you'd like to add please leave a comment down below. :)

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  1. They are all wonderful ideas dear, love how you made them into Gif.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

    1. Thanks Benita!! So happy you liked the format I anted to do something a little bit different haha.

  2. I wish I saw this last week when I was trying to come up with ideas ahha I'll have to keep it in mind for next year :)