How to Pack for a Roadtrip

by - June 17, 2016

In case you didn't know the past few blog posts you've been reading on this blog have been written wayyyy in advance, because I am currently living it up (God willing) in Washington D.C. My family decided to make a roadtrip out of going there and we're going to stop at a whole bunch of colleges including Harvard, Yale, UNC, and Duke.

1. Less is more.

One thing I learned as I've returned from my 9 day roadtrip is that half the clothing I brought wasn't even worn. When travelling it's best to keep it simple. Bring only one pair of wedges or "fancy" sandals because depending on where you travel you may prefer wearing chacos or tennis shoes.

2. Bring your classic staples.

Anything you can wear with multiple things or are versatile in the way they can be worn should be packed.

3. Bring your camera & extra film (if needed)

I think that this is pretty self-explanatory. No matter where you go you'll want to take a bunch of rocking photos.

4. Don't forget your charger!!!

I think that this is pretty self-explanatory.

5. Check to make sure  you have enough space on phone.

Move over all photos on your phone to your computer so that you will have plenty of storage space.

6. Bring snacks and plenty of money.

Depending on where you go be prepared to have to pay tolls. (My family ended up spending $100+ on tolls alone.)


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