What's in my Backpack High Sierra Backpack Review

by - October 23, 2015

[This video and blog post is from earlier last year,but I decided that I would post it anyway because everyone is returning to school anyway right?]
We're all probably back in school now, but that doesn't take the excitement away from a brand spankin' new backpack right?! Since I go to a private school a laptop is required for everyday school work which meant that my Jansport bag would no longer make the cut *sigh*.

As expected from any teenaged girl I wanted a backpack that was not only comfortable but "in" with what was popular. Meaning I wanted either a super cute Vera Bradley bag that would probably get retired within the first year or an even more expensive North Face that would definitely last but at a hefty price. Like expected since it isn't my money I ma spending my parents vetoed both options leaving me to return to the drawing board...where could I find a nice backpack for under $30 that wouldn't be retired after a year of use and could fit my large laptop (15in).

Meet the High Sierra Swerve Backpack and now having used it for a good 3 months I can say this was a great purchase. I got mine on Amazon for $29.99. They have around 15 color choices all ranging from $28 to around $108 (although I checked each and I didn't find one for that much).

  • Two water bottle pockets (good quality)
  • Holds most 15" notebook computers.
  • Tablet sleeve (I can fit my kindle fire & charger in it, but it can totally hold an iPad)
  • Cell phone pocket.
  • Headphone port (never used it)

Can hold my laptop.
For a laptop backpack it's pretty cheap now at $21.
Can hold a laptop, book (Harry Potter), 2 binders, and pencil pouch comfortable.
True to color.

If you put your charger in before laptop it may affect the amount of things you can put in the main compartment because of the bump the actual charger creates.
A bunch of compartments makes it super easy to lose things.
Some of the color options are slightly juvenile.

Rating: 4 stars due to the fact if the many compartments and color options. I would definitely recommend this backpack to high school to college/university students.

Before you leave don't forget to check out my YouTube channel and the video I made on this very subject. 
With much love,

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