My Summer Reading Goal + Blog Update

by - May 16, 2016

It hasn't even been a full day without school and I'm already setting my summer reading goal. I'm really excited with my new laptop coming in and our impending trip to Washington D.C. I expect to have more time to actually blog again like I did at the start of soccer season and fall semester of school.

My goal is a whooping 22 books. I've already finished two books, soooo hopefully I will have reviews up for those sooner or later. I'm making a marker so that you can see my progress adn join in soon...

~ blog update ~

I wanted to write this post mainly to tell you guys where I want this blog to go, not only because I need a fresh start, but because this blog needs a firm topic and direction. If you were here for my last blog (which is still up under a different url) than you know that my posts were only organized by a label, and that there was no clear logic to my posts other than 'the girl who has nothing to talk about decided to write a blog about nothing...' I no longer want to continue along this route, and instead want to return to my simplistic beginnings (aka books and fashion)

I've really enjoyed writing about my life and fashion and have decided that this is definitely the best way to continue to grow the readership of this blog. Also since it is summer I've decided my new posting schedule will be Mondays and Fridays.

I hope you guys will stay for the ride, I have some pretty cool content planned for this summer that will be featured on my blog and youtube channel. Until then...see ya later!!


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