Lecrae Church Clothes 3 Review

by - April 26, 2016

If there's one thing that truly gets me in the mood for anything sports related it's music. Specifically anything fast and upbeat, Church Clothes 3, which fit all of my "requirements". I became a big fan of Lecrae after seeing him in concert at the Motion15 Conference this was back when Anomaly was his latest album. Recently (January 15, 2016) Lecrae released a new album, Church Clothes 3.

Now he's seeking to surpass the success of Church Clothes and Church Clothes Vol. 2 with the said album. A quick disclaimer Lecrae is a Christian rapper who also cofounded Reach Records. In Church Clothes Vol. 2 he coined phrases like "no such thing as Christian rap, but rappers who believe," in Hands Up and "Congratulations, thank God we made it...Congratulations, we beat the odds." in Round of Applause.

Unlike many rappers of today Lecrae raps about topics of substance, and this coming from a not-so-typical black teenaged girl who prided herself in saying she "hated" rap. In his latest album Lecrae decided to take on very relevant subjects like racism, abortion, haters, and (what I took to be) Jared Fogle. I decided to listen to the album straight through in the order he had them placed and right off the bat I was impressed with Freedom and Gangland. Both of which will be perfect for soccer warm ups. I can honestly say that I loved the whole album with the exception of Forever which had great lyrics but was a little slower.

My personal favorites from the album were Freedom, Gangland, Cruising, and It Is What It Is. Lecrae employed beautiful mixed tracks throughout the album from a slowed groovy number in Cruising and Forever to a faster upbeat mix in Gangland. As expected Misconceptions 3 was a star on the album it featured fellow rappers John Givez, JGivens, and Jackie Hill Perry.

In case you're interested in my personal warmup playlist check out my spotify playlist here.


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