We Hit 1000 views!!

by - March 30, 2016

Thanks so much guys continually checking out my blog. Especially considering I have not been promoting my blog at all, which is going to change. I have already reserved social media with the "simply avalon" name and I will begin posting on them daily. If you're interested in updates of any sort check out my social media. Which I've now decided to be active on. :)

Instagram: Simplyavalon
Pinterest: Simplyavalon
Twitter: Simplyavalon
Polyvore: Aepernell

Also, if you've noticed I have begun to stop posting on Mondays this is all for a reason. Other than obligations like soccer I have been in the process of giving this blog a revamp. If you have any color suggestions or any helpful comments on how I can improve this blog I would love to hear so.


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