A New Weekly Series?!

by - March 16, 2016

Somehow I've figured out more content for this blog. What  in the world are you talking about Avalon? Oh nothing other than a "high school diary entry" which I will write once a week. I'm really excited about this because not only will you get a better look into my life ,but I'll also have something online that I can look back on and say "Hey, kids I use to be more awkward than this..." Sorry this was such a short update, but I'm really excited about this news.

All blog posts marked with a [h.s. entry #--] will be considered apart of this brand new series on my blog. I'm still debating on whether this will be a full-time deal as in for the rest of my highschool career or something shorter like the remainder of freshmen year. How about you shoot me a comment on what you would prefer?

Also how happy are ya'll that I'm sticking to my updating schedule? I'm really hoping that this will allow my blog's readership to grow because you guys now know exactly when I post.


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