A Few Wins for the Books

by - March 11, 2016

Remember how a week or so ago I was talking about my soccer team losing? It's really funny how our God works. A complete turn around can happen at any time. We went from losing 2 games in a row to winning 6 matches 5 of which were shutouts. Not only have we secured the number 1 seat in our region we've clinched the region. God worked a complete turnaround for our team.
In other news my team played another 2 back to back games and finally we get a break. That's right it's spring break!! (Although I'm still not necessarily sure yet if it's a good thing.)

 Don't worry I will still update like normal on this blog throughout the week, but expect at least one picture of me in pajamas enjoying a "netflix no chill" type of day. Is it bad that now I am 2 hours into my spring break vacation I am bored because I have nothing to do? I think it's because I like a structured schedule and feeling like I am achieving something daily. I am still trying to persuade my dad to buy me a new video editing software (Adobe Premiere) if you have any suggestions I'd really appreciate because I really want to restart my YouTube channel.


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