10 Struggles for People who wear Glasses

by - March 07, 2016

This post has been on my heart for awhile. As your die hard glasses wearer since 3rd grade I guess you can say I know a thing or two about the stereotypes with wearing glasses.

This post comes a "de-bunker" for all for you non-glasses wearers who probably believed at least one of these 10 things at one point of your life.

Disclaimer: This post was not made to be taken seriously but as a comic relief. My views are probably not shared by all glasses wearers around the world. :)

1. "Can you see without your glasses?"
Yes, we can see, I promise we are not blind. Glasses are meant to increase our eyesight to 20/20 meaning we need glasses either to see things clearer or things that are foggy when farther away.

2. "What do you do when it's raining?"
I dry them off... I don't even know why this question bothers me so much, but as someone who's worn glasses for 7 full years you'd think I wouldn't have to answer some of these questions anymore. Believe me though when I say glasses wearers everywhere would rush to buy a slip-on "windshield wiper" ;)

3. "Why don't you get contacts?"
If I had a dollar for every time I heard this one I'd be a millionaire. As a glasses wearer this one question in particular annoys me. Don't you think I know about contacts. My personal preference is glasses, I have tried contacts and I kid you not it was a struggle to put them in and take them out. Although glasses may not give me the flexibility of not having plastic in-front of my eyes it gives me something contacts could never do, a fashion statement.

4. "Are you okay?"
Now this one is more for those who play in sports like soccer where you can get your glasses knocked off...very easily. This is definitely one of my personal pet peeves considering it is very polite to ask someone if they are okay after knocking their glasses off, If there is one things an athlete never wants to see is a metaphorical crutch given to them when it is not needed. I can be just as aggressive as a contacts wearer or normal person who does not need glasses.

5. "Can I try them on?"
This is almost as bad as people asking to touch my hair. Um do I ask to try on your shoes? No, than don't ask to try my glasses.

6. *tries glasses* "Man your eyesight must be really bad,"
No, doofus you have perfect eyesight and therefore do not need a device that brings my eyes to 20/20 vision.

"Are your glasses real?"
Do you think I'd be wearing them if they weren't? Yes, my glasses are real.
7. Oh you look so much like *insert name of celebrity who happens to wear glasses*

8. "Does that make you a geek?"
Maybe I'm the only one who has heard such a stereotypical phrase (mainly from my little brother who really just doesn't know any better). Anyone can need glasses from your run-of-the-mill jock to your gamer. There is no one "box" that glasses wearers fit in.
9. That moment you notice your glasses are dirty...
10. The struggle that is makeup...
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Hope you enjoyed this post, because I had a lot of fun finding gifs for it. Stay tuned for an update on Wednesday. Believe me when I say it'll be totally worth it.


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