Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for the Procrastinator

by - December 14, 2015

Long time no see! If you're anything like me you wait until the very last minute to actually settle down and buy gifts for your friends and family. Procrastination is seriously a problem. That's why I have decided to create a gift guide. Hopefully this will make it easier to shop for your friend or love one.

1. Gift Baskets/Care Packages
I feel as if this is one of the few items you really can't miss with. Buy a cheap basket from the dollar store or Walmart and fill it up with everything you know your friend or love one would like. I'm making a De-Stress one for my mother this year and am filling it up with face masks, tea, and other knickknacks for a perfect spa night. This idea is one of the easiest and works for everyone from guys to girls. As long as you have a little knowledge of what they like you can do this. A few other ideas for gift basket themes are: movie night, date night, breakfast/dinner for two, etc.
There is seriously no way to go wrong with this idea...unless you don't use it...
I've linked a few that you might be interested in below. :)
A Shower Essentials Basket
Photo Credits: Style me Pretty
Coffee Essentials (A coffee lovers paradise)
Photo Credits: Happy Go Lucky
2. Books
I don't care if can says that books are dead. Books are a gift that keeps on giving. Whether that be a release into a new world or a  new source of interesting information. Books are a great gift for friends and family especially bookworms like me. If I've still not sold you on books being a good gift think of the money that you'll save buying a paperback. ;)
One of my personal YA favorites
perfect for a teen or adult.
Available at Amazon
and Barnes and Noble.
Here's a steal. It's only $1.99
(and it's hardcover) This book is perfect for
all my history buffs out there.
Available at Barnes and Noble.

3. Giftcards
When all else fails buy that friend or special loved one a gift card. Who doesn't enjoy the ability to buy themselves they've been wanting the past 365 days?! I feel as if this is very self explanatory but for those of you who still feel clueless here are a few ideas. :)
Available at Amazon
Available at Old Navy
In the end be creative and if you get stuck check out Pinterest. You've already come this far don't let Christmas shopping get the best of you.

With much love,

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