Makeup Monday: Covergirl Coffee Shop Review

by - October 26, 2015

Review: Covergirl Eye Enhancers 4 kit shadows in Coffee Shop

I was in Walmart and guys you already know I have to swing by the makeup section at least once...or twice. I have been looking for a pigmented matte brown shade for a while and having no luck with the Ulta & ELF brand eye shadows I decided to buy the Covergirl Eye Enhancers Coffee Shop #260 and got it for . I am going to go ahead and put a disclaimer right here and say that I have never bought anything from the CoverGirl brand. Maybelline, ELF and others always satisfied me to the point that I never felt the need to branch out.

This quad has a matte brown, a bronze sparkle shade and a yellow gold (more yellow) shade, and a white pearle shade. I was pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation of the product at least when swatched on my arm. I tried these out later on my lids and can't say the same about the pigmentation.

I was pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation of the product at least when firstly applied. I bought Coffee Shop 260 and the two glitter (bronze shade and yellow gold shade) shades are VERY pigmented. The sparkle was a little overpowering though so in my opinion they could only be used on the lid.

Without flash
The brown color was very misleading or maybe it's because I have a darker skin tone. It appeared to be a beautiful matte brown from the packaging and but when applied to my wrist and looking at the pigment up close you find small specks of sparkle in the "matte' shade it also was the least pigmented of the four. This shade was hard to get to appear on my skin which was really disappointing since this color was the reason I bought the quad. Also it faded  away even after using a primer.

With flash
The white was meh it was hard to pick up on my brush and when applying to my wrist it appeared chalky. It was VERY pigmented especially once placed on the inner corner as a highlight. Don't be fooled though it is not a creamy formula that you could use for a base.

When applying it onto my lids I got a bunch of compliments on the lid color, but it faded away after around 2-3 hours even with primer. I decided against using the gold color for it seemed a little to much for an everyday look, but the red gold color surprised me that when layered (about 3-4 times) it actually appeared really well on my lid.

Verdict: Overall I thought I got 4 lukewarm shades that even though the brown was a miss the other shades with a little elbow grease became wearable. Not sure if I would rebuy and as for CoverGirl I am definitely not sold on this product was definitely a hit or miss with pigmentation.

With much love,

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